Career change guidance
Get guidance on planning and executing a career change, including identifying transferable skills and developing a strategy.
Thinking about switching careers? Our career change guidance tool provides the support and resources you need to successfully transition to a new field, including identifying your transferable skills and developing a strategic plan.

Key Features
  • Assessment of your current skills and their applicability to new careers.
  • Guidance on identifying and developing transferable skills.
  • Personalized career change strategy and action plan.
  • Resources for gaining necessary qualifications and experience.

  • Smooth Transition: Minimize disruptions by understanding how your current skills apply to new roles.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a clear and actionable plan for your career change.
  • Support and Resources: Access the resources and support needed to succeed in your new career.

How It Works
  1. Skill Assessment: Evaluate your current skills and identify those transferable to new careers.
  2. Career Matching: Identify potential new careers based on your skills and interests.
  3. Action Plan Development: Create a strategic plan for transitioning to your new career.
  4. Implementation Support: Access resources and support to help you gain new skills and experience.

User Experience
"The career change guidance tool was invaluable in helping me transition from a marketing role to a product management position. The personalized plan and resources provided made the process much smoother." - Mark, Product Manager

Successfully navigate your career change with our comprehensive guidance tool. Identify your transferable skills, develop a strategic plan, and access the resources you need to thrive in your new career.

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