AI in Hiring: How Artificial Intelligence Recruiter Can Help
There is a lot of buzz about the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are clearly in the midst of a new industrial revolution. It will undoubtedly prove immensely useful in the future. Let's explore AI tools available already today. Can they help hiring managers and recruiters hire qualified talent more efficiently? We have analyzed over 25+ AI hiring software tools. This article explores what modern Artificial Intelligence hiring tools can and cannot do. This will enable you to decide whether it is crucial to start using AI tools in the recruiting process and talent acquisition.
How Can You Use AI in the Hiring Process?
AI in hiring promises to improve almost all aspects of the process. The main three categories are automation of routine tasks, expansion of search capabilities, and provision of deeper insights. Best tools can smoothly become part of an organization’s lifecycle. This will make hiring an integral process linked with performance analysis and the professional development of talents within your company.
Why Will AI Talent Sourcing Be So Effective?
AI-powered recruiting tools are helping companies find and hire the best talent faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy. Similar to how ChatGPT provides immediate access to almost all human knowledge, AI-driven talent sourcing will enable you to utilize vast amounts of data to identify the best candidates from a larger pool than human recruiters could manage. Don’t forget that it can work day and night, with speed that continually increases following technological advancements. We already see new trends. The most advanced AI hiring tools begin to identify top candidates beyond what is written on the resume. They also can create personalized communication experiences for both candidates and hiring parties.
AI is moving from traditional HRSS admin up to HRBP work – using virtual assistants who provide us with cognitive insights, like Alexa. It’s going to happen faster and harder than HR people are ready for
LaLaurence Collins, director people and HR analytics, Deloitteurence Collins, director people and HR analytics, Deloitte
Market Overview of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Finding and Hiring Employees
As is typical with new technology, the market initially becomes saturated with various fragmented tools. This is what we're seeing now. Most new hiring AI tools focus on one specific area. And the existing comprehensive platforms that manage the entire recruitment lifecycle are looking for ways to integrate AI into their existing workflows. Overall, the choices are extensive yet require careful consideration.

Here is a list of the top most common AI features offered by recruitment and talent acquisition tools:
AI for candidate sourcing - These tools search job boards, LinkedIn, social networks, career sites, and existing databases to find potential candidates. Most of them offer a free trial; we recommend trying a few to see which works best for your candidate pool.

  • Examples: Wayy Virtual Recruiter, Findem, Fetcher, Linkedin recruiter, Talenture, Humanly, Manatal, Turbohire, Turing, Qureos, Juicebox, Breezy.

AI for Candidate Screening and Matching - Automated resume screening and ranking of candidates based on job requirements using AI matching algorithms. AI matching algorithms are still in their infancy in most software tools, but undoubtedly, they will improve quickly

  • Examples: Eightfold, Manatal, Pymetrics, Findem, Talenture, TurboHire, Turing, Micro1,, Goperfect, Juicebox, Talenteria, Breezy.

AI for Candidate Engagement and Outreach - Generating personalized cold emails and messages for candidate outreach, along with automated interview scheduling and follow-ups. This is the area where we have seen the most advancement. The models are still finding their way to sound more human and generate more conversions, but it is already impressive to see what they can achieve.

  • Examples: Wayy Virtual Recruiter, Fetcher, Seekout, Findem Humanly Qureos micro1,, Goperfect Juicebox, Talenteria.

AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants - Conducting initial screening interviews with candidates using conversational AI and providing job information and answering candidate queries through chatbots. Similar to the previous ones, large language models already today are really good at understanding context and answering questions.

  • Examples: Humanly, Paradox, TurboHire, Turing, Qureos, Micro1, Apriora, Talenteria, Breezy.

AI for Assessments and Evaluations - AI-powered skills assessments and psychometric tests for candidate evaluation, along with analyzing video interviews using AI vision and speech recognition. Modern AI can easily manage the recognition of video, audio, and text, so we can expect these tools to become great helpers during interviews soon.

  • Qureos, Filtered.AI, myInterview, Humanly, Turbohire, Turing, Micro1, Apriora, Talenteria, Breezy.

AI for Job Description Optimization - Using AI to enhance job descriptions and make them more appealing. The biggest challenge here is making these tools truly appealing to candidates. For that, an AI tool needs to have a deep understanding not only of professional skills but also of both the candidate's and the company's values and culture

  • Textio, LinkedIn Talent Solutions (Recruiter), Findem, Talenture, Manatal, Seekout, Qureos, Brighthire, Micro1, Goperfect, Juicebox,

AI for Diversity and Bias Reduction - Removing indicators of race, gender, and other attributes to reduce bias in screening, and identifying and mitigating algorithmic biases in AI models.

  • Textkernel, Pymetrics, Fetcher, Findem, Eightfold, Seekout, Searchlight.Ai, Breezy.

AI for Data Analytics and Insights - Providing data-driven insights and analytics on candidates, roles, and hiring processes. This is what AI excels at: working with large amounts of data and identifying insights.

  • Findem, Talenturers, LinkedIn Talent Solutions (Recruiter), Humanly, Fetcher, Eightfold, Micro1.

AI for Workflow Automation - Automating repetitive tasks like resume parsing, scheduling, and communication. Current AI assistants are already saving hours through automation. The best ones can not only automate processes but also begin to automate simple decision-making, which allows for the end-to-end automation of certain processes.

  • Wayy Virtual Recruiter, Talenturers, Findem, TestGorilla

AI LinkedIn Tools and Extensions - Offer tools and browser extensions to enhance LinkedIn functionality for recruiters and sales professionals. LinkedIn is a powerful recruiting tool, but working with it can be slow. Today's tools will act as your assistants, helping with manual and repetitive tasks. However, it is very important to maintain a balance between improving the process and avoiding the creation of more noise.

  • Wayy Virtual Recruiter, Linked Helper, Waalaxy,
  • LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LaGrowthMachine (LGM), Expandi, Lemlist, Zopto, Octopus CRM, WeConnect,
How Wayy AI Virtual Recruiter is Different?
The Wayy AI Virtual Recruiter has been built from scratch with AI integrated into its very foundation. It is powered by the Skills AI Core, a proprietary engine that understands professional skills and job responsibilities. This allows it to not only enhance the recruitment process but also connect hiring, performance, and learning into a single integrated talent management process within the organization. It stands out for several reasons:

  • End-to-end outbound recruitment automation: It identifies skill-matched passive candidates from over 250 million profiles. Upon your confirmation, it crafts personalized messaging sequences, handles responses, conducts initial qualification screenings, and schedules meetings in your calendar.
  • Candidate Skill Profiling and Search: Unlike basic AI tools that match keywords, the AI Virtual Recruiter understands the context behind job descriptions and candidate profiles, ensuring deeper compatibility between the two. This enables you to identify qualified candidates even with incomplete profiles or one step before they are hired by top-talent competitors
  • Optimized for Conversion Messaging: Wayy Virtual Recruiter generates personalized intro messages, conducts follow-ups, and answers questions about job details, significantly enhancing candidate engagement compared to generic templates.
  • Initial Candidate Qualification: It identifies missing critical information on candidate profiles and automatically collects it to ensure the candidate is qualified for the job before scheduling an interview or sending the application to your tracking form.
AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues. The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer grade service to employees
Jeanne Meister, co-author, The Future Workplace Experience
Benefits of Using AI Tools in Sourcing and Hiring Talent
It is too early to say that one AI tool can take care of all aspects of sourcing and hiring talent. You need to analyze your bottlenecks in the process and decide where you would like to start. After that, you can compare several tools to specifically address this step and select the right one for your team. A low-hanging fruit is the automation of repetitive manual tasks; each time you think, 'This is not the best use of my time,' think about a way to automate it. Another example is if the process takes too much time, look for a way to solve it faster with AI software tools. This approach will speed up the hiring process, reduce the administrative burden, and help your team focus on current priorities.
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