Hi, I’m Wayy Co-Pilot, your fully autonomous virtual recruiter, working 24/7 to source passive candidates

Type the role & seniority or a LinkedIn profile URL of the ideal candidate.
I will automatically build a skill profile of the ideal candidate.
After you confirm, I contact passive candidates to schedule interviews.
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My passion - Two simple goals
Getting candidates you are happy to hire
Minimizing the time spent and cost of hiring
This is how it works
Familiar & Simple Slack Chat Flow
Wayy Co-pilot in Slack Messenger simplifies user interaction, avoiding complex dashboards and lengthy forms by asking only crucial questions.
messenger experience
Company story, perfected
Wayy Co-Pilot leverages job skill profile and company story to craft a compelling narrative, helping you stand out as the ideal job opportunity for matched passive candidates.
Automated candidates outreach
Co-Pilot identifies matched passive candidates from 250M+ profiles. Upon your confirmation, it crafts personalized message sequences with your story, handling responses and scheduling meetings in your calendar.
Simple pricing policy
Recruiting Co-Pilot is fully autonomous and works 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of a real recruiter.
Per month per 5 active job slots
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And so much more...
Skill matrices
Get tailored Competency Frameworks with just a few clicks and use them for assessment, hiring, performance reviews, and employee development.
Self-Improve Co-Pilot
Wayy Co-Pilot continually improves through your messages, job market research, and interaction with candidates.
Tailored job descriptions
Ask Co-Pilot to generate a vacancy for any role, and you will receive a link to a ready-to-use job ad that is aligned with your company's career path.
Interview assistant
Co-pilot will prepare a list of screening questions for any job role and level of seniority, tailored according to your career path.
Performance review
Make data-driven personnel decisions based on a complete view and automatic insights about team performance, results, and skill profiles.
Automated CV Ranking
Never miss a strong candidate in a pile of applications. Co-pilot sorts through applicants and ranks CVs based on their match score to the role.
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