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This is how it works
Familiar & Simple Chat Flow
Wayy Co-pilot in the Facebook messenger simplifies user interaction, avoiding complex dashboards and lengthy forms by asking only crucial questions.
messenger experience
Your story, perfected
Wayy Co-Pilot leverages your skill profile to craft a compelling narrative, helping you stand out as the ideal candidate for your top-matched position.
Resume Crafting
Automated job outreach
Co-Pilot identifies active and hidden job opportunities from 5M+ U.S. Companies. Upon your confirmation, it crafts personalized email sequences with your story for HR and hiring managers, handling responses and scheduling meetings in your calendar.
Personal assistant
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And so much more...
Skill Gap Analysis
Co-pilot can assess your skills and identify gaps between your current skill set and the requirements of your desired job.
Self-Improve Co-Pilot
Wayy Co-Pilots improves continually through your messages, job market research, and interaction with HR/hiring managers.
Interview practice
Offer personalized interview preparation tips and resources, including commonly asked questions for specific job roles and industries.
Automatic resume tuning
It customizes your resume for each application to match the job description.
Job / Company research
Automatically gathers intel on prospective employers to prep you for interviews.
Learning paths
Co-Pilot provides for continuous learning paths, certifications, and online courses to help users enhance their skills and stay relevant in their field.
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