Supercharge Engineering Team Management

Wayy Co-Pilot empowers your team to make better decisions and automate key business processes

Fully autonomous virtual recruiter, working 24/7 to source passive candidates.
Make data-driven personnel decisions based on a complete view and automatic insights.
Easy-to-launch personal development paths that your employees will love to use.
So, how is Wayy different?
Knowledge Accumulation
Continuously updates knowledge with latest industry trends and best practices using language models and community insights.
It is aware of the business context and offers the next-level automation including decision-making.
Wayy Co-Pilot boosts team performance by understanding skills and tasks, leveraging best practices, and adapting to organization's needs.
It builds a skill profile
And schedules interviews
Just type the role & seniority
Hiring Co-Pilot
Fully autonomous virtual recruiter, working 24/7 to source passive candidates.
Tailored, turn-key setup
Result-based performance insights
Performance Co-Pilot
Advances team skills profiles
Enhance personnel decisions with automated, data-driven insights on developer performance, results, and skills.
Learn & Development Co-Pilot
Achieve learning goals with maximum ROI without headaches.
Identifies skill gaps
Generates individual learning plans
Provides personally tailored materials
Function-Specific Expertise
Wayy Co-Pilots are designed to specialize in specific business functions like hiring, performance evaluation, and development, based on a deep understanding of the fundamentals of professional success and data analysis.
AI Integration
Wayy Co-Pilots use an advanced system that understands job skills and tasks, applying professional best practices for context-aware, customized activity loops tailored to each company's needs.
This is the Wayy to success