Top Free* AI Tools for Recruiting

Effective Solutions for Every Use Case. All are 100% FREE* and easy to use! Create job descriptions & job ads, screen & compare resumes, prepare interview questions, and many more with just a few clicks.

Just input company and role details and the tool generates a customized EVP highlighting your unique workplace.

Turn a Job Description into a boolean query in seconds

Create detailed and accurate candidate profiles for your vacancy in minutes.

Find specific Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn groups that the target audience follows

Just type in the old job title, and get a list of fresh, attractive options in seconds.

Create a professional job description that captures the essence of the role, attracts the right candidates, and fits perfectly with your company’s culture.

Enter the job description and get a schedule of weekly recruitment content topics across platforms, tailored to candidate personas.

Upload the job description or enter the job URL and get practical enhancements that attract more qualified applicants effectively.
Simply copy & paste the job description text and the tool breaks down all the technical terms into easy-to-understand language.

Upload the candidate’s resume, input the job description, and the tool generates a tailored message.

Re-write job description to engage, and attract the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

Instantly generate compelling and distinctive taglines for your job advertisement.

Get a curated list of specialized job boards tailored specifically for your job description.

Generates concise summaries of resumes, allowing you to grasp the candidate's qualifications and suitability for a position instantly.

Specify the candidate's status based on the results of the interview and the tool generates a customized message.

Provide a message in any language, choose the translation language, and get the translated version.

Upload the Job description and candidate resume and get a match score with detailed analysis.

Upload the job description and the candidate’s resume, and get a list of relevant questions that cover all necessary competencies and skills.

Upload job descriptions and resumes, get a ranked order of candidates with corresponding match score.

*Currently available for users with a paid ChatGPT subscription. We are working on options to enable it for all types of users.
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