Boost engineering team performance with AI Co-Pilot

Make data-driven personnel decisions based on a complete view and automatic insights about developer performance, results and skill profiles.

Continuous performance improvement
Wayy Performance Co-Pilot does the heavy lifting by collecting and analyzing team performance data for you 24/7.
Easy & fully integrated
Co-Pilot automatically collects self assessments, 360 peer reviews, and examines work results in Jira and Git.
Wayy Co-Pilot understands the context, maps it to company objectives and frameworks and generates insights & recommendations for productive 1:1 meetings, performance reviews, and individual development plans.
Co-Pilot for effective performance reviews
Platform for team growth
Performance review
Career path
Enable objective performance reviews based on skill proficiency.
Help employees identify skills for various roles and career growth.
Training needs analysis
Skill-based hiring
Utilize skill matrices for targeted team training.
Assess team skills for future hiring and succession planning.
Team composition
Skill gaps
Compose teams with complementary skills for projects.
Identify skill gaps in engineers for targeted training programs.
Turn key matrix for hard & soft skills
Wayy provides ready-to-use hard & soft skills matrix specific to each role and profession, and for each career track level adopted in the organization.
SKIlls MAtrix
All you need for the skills assessment
Wayy generates a set of questions for each skill to ease the review process. The questions can be used to standardize the hiring process.
Question & Answers
Need to customize? No problem
Get help setting up your review process from our best-practice templates and frameworks or customize everything.
Review builder
Few clicks launch
How it works
Generate frameworks
Start using
Or further customize for your needs.
Still need help?
Our expert will assist you with setting up your company framework.
Wayy AI will suggest a recommended performance set up for your company.
Ditch the bias with
360 feedback
Set up a company-wide feedback system for upward, downward, peer, or self. Fully customized to your needs.
360° review
Build crystal-clear requirements
Give your team the clarity they need to track their career path. Whether you’re content-ready or starting from scratch, we’ll have you up and running in no time.
Career Tracks
Make decisions based on the results
Effortlessly assess the goals and tasks your team members have undertaken and track their progress with precision.
Join to our workshop webinar, where we will help you create skill matrices for your organization.
Have some questions or need guidance?
every Wednesday 1:00 PM (ET) / 10:00 AM (PT)
Skill growth you can measure
Powerful people analytics tools to help you make the best decisions about your employees and identify strong performers.
What you can do with Wayy
Looking for more?
Fully autonomous virtual recruiter, working 24/7 to source passive candidates.
Make data-driven personnel decisions based on a complete view and automatic insights.
Easy-to-launch personal development paths that your employees will love to use.