Review of LinkedIn outreach automation tools
LinkedIn and LinkedIn recruiters have become an instrumental tool for hiring managers and recruiters. While LinkedIn offers a lot of amazing functionality, you can significantly multiply your productivity by automating repetitive and manual tasks. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive review of the best LinkedIn outreach automation tools, with a specific focus on recruitment.
What is Automation of Work on LinkedIn?
Automation of work on LinkedIn refers to the use of software and tools that allow you to complete tasks faster or on a larger scale. In general, there are the following categories of tasks that can be automated:
  • LinkedIn Connection, Invitation, and Follow-Up Automation: This includes sending connection requests and following up with a message if the connection is accepted. Alternatively, it can invite your connections to an event, group, or to follow an organization. This automation can help trigger interest in a company and build a strong pipeline of candidates for hiring managers and recruiters.
  • LinkedIn Messaging Automation: This includes sending regular and InMail sequences of messages to your connections or event and group members. Some automation tools can also send emails. It is extremely useful in recruitment when you need to inform potential candidates about relevant job opportunities.
  • Profile Information Management: This includes exporting profile information to a file or CRM. Some tools also have the capability to find profile emails. This solves a recruiter's problem when you need to contact a candidate outside LinkedIn.
  • Engagement Automation: This includes liking and commenting on posts and articles, boosting posts, following profiles, and endorsing connections. This functionality is typically used for warming up leads in sales, but in recruitment, it works for warming up potential candidates too.
  • Data Extraction and Analytics: This includes extracting profile data, personalizing messages, and automated A/B testing of message templates. This functionality is crucial for data-driven hiring managers and recruiters who want to improve engagement rates from candidates.
  • Account Management: This includes the ability to automatically perform the above tasks from multiple LinkedIn accounts. For example, several hiring managers and recruiters can pool their accounts into one controlled campaign.
What is very important is not to abuse these automation tools. From an ethical and LinkedIn policy perspective, it is crucial to reach out only to candidates who will truly benefit from the offer and to stay within the daily and weekly outreach limits suggested by LinkedIn. Think of it as if you would do it manually anyways, it is fine to be automated. In this case, LinkedIn automation software will be a powerful tool that will allow you to multiply your recruiting productivity and save on costs.

According to The 2023 Sate of Marketing Automation research, 70% of respondents will be increasing spend for marketing automation in the coming year.
How Do LinkedIn Automation Tools Work?
LinkedIn automation tools have existed on the market for quite a while, but recent advancements in AI have enhanced their capabilities. For example, by leveraging AI and machine learning to mimic human interactions on LinkedIn, they can automatically send personalized messages, connection requests, and even follow-up messages. These tools often include features like scheduling, bulk messaging, and analytics to track the effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

There are three ways LinkedIn automation software operates: you can download and install a Windows or Mac application, install a browser extension, or it runs in the cloud. Most tools have a set of ready-made flow templates that you can use, or you can build and customize your own flow. The most robust AI LinkedIn automation tools can automate entire processes end to end.
Market Overview of LinkedIn Helpers
We analyzed most of the existing LinkedIn automation tools and presented our findings in the list and infographics below. It is important to note that the majority of the listed software tools are primarily designed for sales. Some of them mention recruiting as a use case, but only a few, like the Wayy Virtual Recruiter, are specifically designed for end-to-end LinkedIn automation outreach for recruiters.
Why Does the Wayy AI Virtual Recruiter Stand Out Favorably Against Their Background?
The Wayy AI Virtual Recruiter has been built from scratch with AI integrated into its very foundation. It is powered by the Skills AI Core, a proprietary engine that understands professional skills and job responsibilities. This allows it to not only enhance the recruitment process but also connect hiring, performance, and learning into a single integrated talent management process within the organization. It stands out for several reasons:

  • End-to-end outbound LinkedIn recruitment outreach automation: It identifies skill-matched passive candidates from over 250 million profiles. Upon your confirmation, it crafts personalized LinkedIn messaging sequences, handles LinkedIn automated responses, conducts initial qualification screenings, and schedules meetings in your calendar.
  • Candidate Skill Profiling and Search: Unlike basic AI tools that match keywords, the AI Virtual Recruiter understands the context behind job descriptions and candidate profiles, ensuring deeper compatibility between the two. This enables you to identify qualified candidates even with incomplete profiles or one step before they are hired by top-talent competitors
  • Optimized for Conversion Messaging: Wayy Virtual Recruiter generates personalized intro messages, conducts follow-ups, and answers questions about job details, significantly enhancing candidate engagement compared to generic templates.
  • Initial Candidate Qualification: It identifies missing critical information on candidate profiles and automatically collects it to ensure the candidate is qualified for the job before scheduling an interview or sending the application to your tracking form.
Benefits of Using AI Tools for Work on LinkedIn
Using AI tools like the AI Virtual Recruiter for LinkedIn recruiting automation offers several important benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: Imagine you are planning to reach out to 300 potential candidates. Let’s say reaching out to them manually will take you 1 minute per profile. Don’t forget that because of LinkedIn's daily limits, you will need to return to this task daily and do this in batches of 50. This adds up to 5 hours of work, plus daily context switching. With a LinkedIn automation tool, you set up the campaign in 30 minutes and forget about it. The tool will automatically do 50 reach-outs per day without your direct involvement. You decrease your involvement from 5 hours to 0.5 hours, which is a 10x improvement.
  • Scalability: We have all been in situations of a “Perfect Storm” when suddenly you need to fill several positions as soon as possible. This is where the ability to scale and do mass reach-outs within safe LinkedIn limits is very handy. The most robust LinkedIn automation tools will allow you to run campaigns not only from your account but also from the accounts of your team. This again increases the scale of reach-outs several times.
  • Cost-Effective Recruitment: Time is money, right? But the major cost saving is not just about saving the time of recruiters and hiring managers. If you are able to close positions faster with better candidates, it has a significant effect on the company's dynamic.
  • Decreased Time to Hire: We juggle between priorities all day. It would be so cool to have extra hands. This is what LinkedIn automation is about. It takes care of important daily routines or tasks that you would never have time for but which have an important compounding effect. Examples include daily reach-outs to candidates for open positions, warming up candidates for potential future hiring opportunities, or following up with relevant event participants who might be interested in your positions. This decreases the overall time to hire for the company.
Why Automating LinkedIn Outreach is Crucial Now
In today's competitive job market, automating your LinkedIn outreach is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Here’s why:

  1. Stay Competitive: As a hiring manager or recruiter, you are always competing with others for the same pool of candidates. Nowadays, it is becoming harder and harder to compete manually with other teams that leverage advanced AI tools.
  2. Save Time and Resources: Automation reduces the manual effort required in the recruitment process, allowing you to focus on meaningful conversations with qualified candidates.
  3. Increase Efficiency: Automated tools streamline your outreach efforts, making them more efficient and effective.
  4. Use Untapped LinkedIn Potential: By leveraging daily automation routines on LinkedIn, you can get more from this powerful network. Even small actions on a daily basis compound to significant results over time.
You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated.
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