Custom Skill Matrices for Engineers

Create a transparent career & learning path for your team
Engineering evolves, and so must our leadership methods. Join our unique 1-hour session for tech leads to transform team management and development.
Crafting Custom Career Tracks & Frameworks for Engineering Teams
1 hour session
Online working session
This Wednesday 1:00 PM (ET) / 10:00 AM (PT)
What you will gain
These matrices have been carefully designed for easy integration into your current processes, including assessment, performance reviews, hiring, and learning & development initiatives.
Hard Skill Matrices
Get a clear outline of key technical skills by role and level in your team.
Soft Skill Matrices
Understand vital interpersonal and management skills for team success, customized by role and level.
Behavior Matrices
Discover expected professional behaviors by role and level to promote excellence and professionalism.
Why attend?
Our workshop provides tools for managing and visualizing your engineering team's growth, suitable for any size, from 30 to 500+ members. Gain strategic insights for team formation, growth planning, and skill evolution as your business expands.
What are the benefits?
This session goes beyond a webinar; it's a key to embedding team development into your daily workflow, setting your team and organization up for sustained success.
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