Enhance retention with personal learning paths
Wayy helps you build a strategic, streamlined learning program that activates and aligns every employee from the start.
Learning path
Enhance skills
and expertise

Your employees will get best best practices for certain skills, quizzes to test their knowledge, and prepare yourself for the interviews.
Continuous learning opportunities
Wayy offers a variety of continuous learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, online courses, and ebooks.
Useful resources
Mentorship and coaching programs
Pairing experienced employees, managers, or leaders with less experienced individuals fosters knowledge-sharing, skill-building, and career guidance.
Coaching & Mentoring
Knowledge sharing and collaboration
Unite employees with similar skill profiles and let them grow together. This allows you to reduce time and money.
Everything you need to start & scale
1. Customize
Skills matrices, rating scales, anonymous answers? Fully customize the process and make it your own.
3. Analyse & Act
2. Run
Guide, engage, and remind everyone throughout the process without lifting a finger.
Visualize your results to identify top talents and spot issues early. Connect your results to motivate and develop.
One click launch
Be an improved manager, easily
Cycle dashboard to track progress
Wayy facilitates monitoring the learning process and tracking progress in real-time. Be a knowledgeable manager
Fully customizable. No restrictions.
All learning paths are customizable and editable by a team leader. Or you can rely on our AI copilot ;)
Unlock powerful analytics
Powerful people analytics tools to help you make the best decisions about your employees and identify strong performers.
Close skill gaps for career growth
Unify perspectives for accurate scoring
Enhance individual and team skills portrait
Track process trends for all reviews
We've got you covered
Looking for more?
Run impactful performance reviews that are easy to set up.
Evaluate remarkable progress towards goals and OKR.
Semantic analysis tools and job description generation.