Boost engineering team Performance
by unlocking a personal growth formula for every team member
Turn-key performance review framework
Wayy Employee Development Co-Pilot does the heavy lifting of collecting and analyzing data for you.
It examines corporate data, uses AI core to understand the context, and generates recommendations for 1:1 meetings, performance reviews, and individual development plans.
Turn-key performance review framework
Performance review frameworks
Competency frameworks
Career tracks
…or Co-Pilot will adjust to those you are already using.
Real-time data for impactful 1:1 meetings
Performance roadblocks & Highlights
Engineer’s result & Impact on OKRs
Skill development progress
Wayy-copilot monitors artifacts, surveys as needed, and generates summary for:
Team development on autopilot
Valuable tips
Personally tailored learning materials
Mentor recommendations
Wayy assesses the team's skills and tasks to identify gaps and risks. Then, it provides:
Professional growth backed by data science
AI core generates and analyzes the multidimensional graph of tasks, skills and responsibilities, and understands the building blocks of professional growth. As a result, you are getting recommendations that actually work.
Skill growth you can measure
Powerful people analytics tools to help you make the best decisions about your employees and identify strong performers.
Close skill gaps for career growth
Unify perspectives for accurate scoring
Enhance individual and team skills portrait
Track process trends for all reviews
Work with the tools you already use
And yes, we can integrate with corporate systems and software you use, such as Jira, Git systems, HR, Performance review systems, Slack and many others.
Drive Your Team to Peak Performance
with Employee Development Co-Pilot
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